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For Registration and Questions Contact:

856.254.2665 - info@crossfit41south.com

Price and Rates:

10% off of unlimited membership for police, fire, medical personnel and teachers!

*memberships do not include NJ sales tax.


121 Kings Hwy, Unit 201A, Maple Shade, NJ 08052

*Located directly adjacent to BJs. Same building as Little Sport (entrance on side facing BJs)

Who Are We?

CrossFit 41 South believes that the sport of fitness is for every person who walks through the door. We offer an entirely scalable exercise program, meaning each day the workout is completely tailored to each person's skill and ability. No need to worry about the unknown, skilled trainers will teach each movement in depth: mechanics, safety, and technique. Each certified trainer takes pride in working with athletes of all different types and ability levels to reach goals that we set with each member. We will never sacrifice safety for results.

The CrossFit 41 South family is diverse, represented by our entire community. We train full-time students and stay at home mothers, doctors and nurses, police and veterans, emergency response and retired grandparents, as well as top-notch athletes all side by side in our 4,000 square foot facility.

From the very first day of your CrossFit journey, you will have an intense group of motivators and cheerleaders. CrossFit is not about competition with the guy or girl on the barbell beside you- it is about the competition within yourself, striving to do better and be better than when you walked in!

No mirrors, no useless equipment, and absolutely no excuses!

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